Alumnus Søren got a job at Academic Work

Alumnus Søren Pagh von Wowern graduated from Cphbusiness in January 2016. Søren now works to help other young and ambitious individuals to find work with exciting companies located in Denmark. 

06 July 2017

I graduated in January of 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in International Sales and Marketing Management. Upon finishing my degree, my main career goal was to find a job in a company, where I could combine helping others and making a decent salary.

My first job

After graduating, I started my new and current job only a few months after, on April 15th, 2016. I was hired by Academic Work in the role as Account Manager. The job application process was quite lenghty and included going through many tests, cases and interviews. I therefore consider myself fortunate and lucky that I was offered the job! Academic Work employs staffing and focuses on the recruitment of ‘young professionals’ such as students and young graduates at the beginning of their career.

On a day to day basis, my job consists of helping young ambitious people to find jobs with some of the most exciting companies in Denmark. On a typical day I have about three meetings with current and new clients.

In addition I also sit with the booking of meetings with other current and new clients. My aim in these meetings is to try my best to spread the word about our values and services. I also sit with contracts, negotiation and strategic setups.

The skills that matter

Cphbusiness gave me the opportunity to gain and work on a great deal of the skills necessary when searching for a job. In particular, the top-up bachelor’s dregree helped me to update my business knowledge and skills.

Ten years prior to starting at Cphbusiness, I had completed an AP degree in Sales and Marketing at IBA in Kolding. I was about to make a career change and move into a different business area and the top-up Bachelo’r’s degree in International Sales and Marketing Managemet helped make that transition very smooth.

My future plans

My plans for the future are to enlighten companies to the obvious advantages of hiring young, ambitiours professionals with the right attitude, mindset and drive. Unfortunately, at the moment, there is still the predominant perception in the market that the best candidate is the one with extensive experience.

The alumni network, Cphbusiness Alumni

The students and graduates from Cphbusiness are just the right target group for Academic Work. I therefore find it an exciting opportunity in the near future, that we can share relevant job listings in the network that will benefit both students and graduates. I also use the alumni network to keep updated on Cphbusiness Alumni's new intiatives and events.

My advice for the new graduate

Check out Academic Work! Visit and create your own personal profile. We will thereafter contact you if we find a match between your skill set to that of the requirements of a job listing. In this way, you could be just that little bit closer to your dream job.

In addition, I would also like to encourage all students to have their resumé checked by a professional. The professional could not only give advice on what a good application includes but also help the students learn more about proper etiquette for interviews.

The alumni network provides students and graduates with this opportunity, which I think is great.

I look forward to meet all of you other alumni in the network.

Best regards,

Søren Pagh von Wowern
Alumnus of Cphbusiness