Interview with Naomi

Meet former student Naomi from the Multimedia Design and Communication programme.

04 July 2017

I graduated in the summer of 2014 from the Multimedia Design and Communication programme. I didn’t do the top-up, as I had already gotten a job. I got accepted to the top-up programme, but the job was more important. I’m Australian, so I don’t get SU. The job I was offered was at a good Danish company, so I took that opportunity.

I found my job through my network, through the help of a friend of mine. He was working at the same place at the time, so I got the job through my network.

I did a lot of networking, when I was studying and when I first came to Denmark, because that’s how you find a job, that’s how you get opportunities. And before I got that job, I was freelancing and most of that came through meet-ups and going to different networking events. So networking is so important.

I learned a lot during my time as a freelancer and through my network, which I could use during my studies. I actually got to use what I was studying. And I was able to help some of my classmates find work as well through my network, and a couple of internships.

Is it a job you still have?

No, I found a new job. I work for a different software company today. I was a webmaster, now I’m a marketing manager, but mostly I’m still a webmaster. So I have a new title, but my tasks are very similar to those of a webmaster. That’s why I do my creative work. I’m technical, but creative at the same time. I need to be creative, as that is where I find my energy – it’s my happy place.

My plan is to start my own company. I’ve begun to work independently, but it takes time. It will probably take a few years, so I’m starting out slowly and letting it develop over time. My business is something I can do anywhere, which is also important. I’m not a Danish citizen, so I have to think about mobility.

I’m from the north of Sydney. I arrived in Denmark five years ago. I studied architecture in Australia, and when I came to Denmark, I was planning on upgrading my skills, and I really wanted to get into webdesign and building websites. So Cphbusiness was perfect. Also, I wanted to study in Denmark because the teaching method is very different from in Australia with all the teamwork and how people work in general.

But it is my dream to one day work full-time on my own business, because that’s what I really love. It’s not work for me, it’s just a passion. During my studies, I learned how to put together business plans, do SWOT-analyses, which helps me run my own business today. So I can really see the value of my studies.

It would probably be nice to have visited more businesses/companies throughout the study programme. We went to a couple of companies, which was really interesting. Maybe some workshops with them could be interesting as well.

Are you in contact with people from your study?

Yes, I still connect with a few of them. We communicate primarily through Instagram. They let me know what they’re up to sometimes or if they like my artwork. That’s networking as well.

The student organization at Cphbusiness is also a good way to network. You get to meet people from different study programmes and cultures. I learned a lot because of that network, and I still use it. Even though I had my work, studies and family, I tried to make time for networking, because it’s very valuable.

What do you think of the Alumni network? Do you think it makes sense?

Yes, I do. It’s a fantastic way to see what people have been up to and to see their journeys. But it’s also a great possibility for networking, because you can catch up with old friends and maybe collaborate on a project. Or you can be inspired by how they’ve developed a product.

Do you feel that the Alumni events are relevant for you?

Because I already have a job, I’m not sure if alumni events are relevant to me. But it is important to me to see what opportunities there might be. And if there are events that could help me further my own business or get in touch with relevant people, then I would be interested.

Do you have any advice for job seeking graduates?

Keep trying. Also, you have to contact people in other ways than through e-mail, because they might not reply. Try LinkedIn og Facebook. And you have to network, I can’t emphasize that enough.

It’s also a good idea to go to job fairs and present yourself to companies there. Make business cards – they’re a bit old school, but companies appreciate that. It shows some effort. And of course it’s still important to have a LinkedIn account.