Job search event went well

Thursday 24 August 2017 the alumni network invited graduates and students to a job search workshop with networking.

11 September 2017

Guest speaker Helle Vendelbo Jensen from HK facilitated the workshop and taught the participants how to create a relevant CV and a good job application.

More than 10 graduates and students participated in the first event hosted by Cphbusiness Alumni at Cphbusiness in Hillerød.

Helle made sure that the workshop included discussions among the participants, in order to have some important reflections that can be used when you need to present yourself shortly in a CV.

Afterwards, Helle gave personal guidance for the participants, where especially our Enviromental Technologists and Laboratory Technicians could benefit from Helle's knowledge from Dansk Laborant Forening.

CV checks

During the workshop, the participants could also book 20 minutes with a CV expert and get personal feedback on their CV.

Jannik Stage from Teknisk Landsforbund gave the participants a thorough and helpful guidance on how to improve their CVs.

- Your resume gives the employers a first impression of your professional profile and how you are going to bring value to the company, i.e. what kind of tasks you will be able to solve and how you fit in to their company, explains Jannik Stage, consultant from Teknisk Landsforbund.

Professional portraits

After the workshop, the participants could network and get their portrait taken by a professional photographer.

The workshop was sponsored by HK and Teknisk Landsforbund.

See the pictures form the event on Facebook.