Mark got a job at Graduateland

In 2015, Mark Schiøtte graduated from Cphbusiness and got a job at Graduateland, where he works today. Here he tell us about his job.

05 October 2017

I graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in International Sales and Marketing.

My career goals

For many years, my primary career goal has been to pursue my dream as a professional handball player - also during my studies - but life as a professional athlete does not last forever.

My first job

Therefore, I got my first job as Client Consultant at Graduateland, which is now 3 years ago, and I am still working there. I got the job offer during my internship. Now, I work as a Senior Client Consultant and advise some of the largest companies in Denmark on how to use online communication in their recruitment activities and employer branding towards young talents.

In short, Graduateland is an international career portal for students and graduates all across Europe. As a user, you have the possibility to search for and find your internship, and part-time as well as full-time jobs. Companies can also publish job descriptions to find the right candidate for vacancies. In collaboration with universities and academies, we develop niche portals to create and customize their unique universe with jobs matching the educational programmes at each institution (e.g. Cphbusiness Career).

Today my career goal is to make Graduateland the largest global career portal for students and graduates. I am very happy in my current role and my plans for the future are definitely with Graduateland.

How do I use the Cphbusiness Alumni network?

Because Graduateland and Cphbusiness are partners, it is interesting for me to be part of the Cphbusiness Alumni network. I see it as an interesting opportunity to participate in activities and to do some networking. Also, I believe I can make a difference for the current students and future graduates through my work at Graduateland and the alumni network.

Advice for job-seeking graduates

Create a profile on Cphbusiness Career and take advantage of the fact that Cphbusiness now has its own unique career portal. This way, you will easily find your potential dream job in Denmark or abroad.

Another advice to job-seeking graduates is to consider your motives, before going to job interviews. Getting your first job is not necessarily about your new job title, but also a question of the company’s culture. Fortunately, more people today choose jobs because they can identify with a company and the job they do has meaning - not just to the organisation they are a part of, but also to society in general. That, to me, is key. In the long run, you will end up with +5 years with a company because you want to be there, not because you have to.