New on the job?

Career Advisor Anne Marie Valentin from gives her most important advice for when you are new on the job.

If you have just started working in a new company it is almost like being a guest – at least at first.

You have to learn how "to do things around here" – both when it comes to formalities and the content of your new job, but also the informal things.

First impressions are key

Most people know this and it takes a lot rectify a bad start. On the other hand, most people also know that if something has gone wrong or there has been a misunderstanding, you apologize right away or explain why something happened.

REMEMBER – if you become part of a large, new company, many probably do not know that you are new; it is your job to make people aware of it. And if you work with clients, they might also not know that you are "the new guy".

Write things down

It makes you look serious, and you can re-read all the important information you get. Writing down relevant information makes you come off as professional, so you do not always have to ask the same thing all the time, though repeating questions is completely okay.

They don't know you

When you start working at a new place, you are out of your comfort zone, which provides an opportunity to be who you want to become!

If you are shy, not very outgoing or have other personality traits you wish to work on, starting a new job in a new company is an opportunity to do that. The best part: no one really knows you.
It is always difficult to break out of a role or character you have been in for a long time, so use the fact that you are in a new place to explore how you might get certain traits into play.

Remember, you are the new one, so it will be a relief to your new co-workers if you take initiative, when you meet them. That way, they avoid speculating whether you are a client visiting.

Meet the others at eye level

All workplaces have their own culture. In order to become part of the group or team, try and understand what kind of culture your new workplace has. Always stay true to yourself, but becoming part of the group is easier, when you match the people around you.

Ask how you might best get the hang of things and whether you need to speak to any specific co-workers

Being proactive is always an advantage, so ask your new boss or one of your new co-workers, if there is anyone you need to talk to, in order to better understand your new workplace. Doing this, gives you a great advantage and has a positive effect on others.

Take part in social events

Taking part in social activities with your co-workers is always a good idea. Social activities offer an opportunity to get to know your co-workers in an informal setting and when you know people in different capacities, it is easier to be part of a new community.

All the best of luck,

Anne Marie Valentin
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