The story behind Cphbusiness Career

Cphbusiness recently became part of Graduateland’s partner network. The collaboration was initiated by Cphbusiness alumnus and now Graduateland Client Consultant, Mark Schiøtte.

04 October 2017

This collaboration means that all Cphbusiness students and alumni have access to the job portal, Cphbusiness Career.

Graduateland – the company behind Cphbusiness Career

As Europe’s biggest career network for students and recent alumni, Graduateland connects talented candidates with companies and organisations around the world. Through our partnership with several key universities and academies, more than one million graduates from all over the world have created a profile to apply for internships, graduate programmes, as well as full-time and part-time positions.

Benefits and great opportunities

As an alumna/alumnus or student, you can match your academic background and qualifications with the demands for specific jobs you are interested in.

It is also possible to chat with companies online through scheduled live sessions or even virtual fairs. This allows you to share your profile and CV with recruiters before applying for a job.

You will also have a unique opportunity to get immediate answers on questions regarding application processes, job opportunities, working environment, etc.

Alumnus Mark took the initiative

- As a former student, I thought it was evident that Cphbusiness should have the same chance to offer current and new graduates job opportunities both during and after their studies, like other universities do, says Mark and continues:

- First and foremost, I remember the limited options I had, when I was looking for an internship, which was an obligatory part of my degree programme. Also, most people know that the first job after your studies is crucial to your future career, so it should be easy and accessible to find some job listings, which a career portal for Cphbusiness could help with.

- There has previously been some dialogue between Cphbusiness and Graduateland. Therefore, I contacted my former teacher, Jens Essenbæk Toftbjerg, who was very helpful and put me in contact with Charlotte Dalgaard Petersen, the Alumni Manager at Cphbusiness. We then had a few meetings about ways to collaborate and now have a partnership, which Cphbusiness Career is the result of.

- I hope that students and future Cphbusiness graduates have great use of the career portal. Whether you are looking for an internship, a part-time or a full-time job, you now have the opportunity, Mark finishes.

Get started at Cphbusiness Career now.

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