Chris MacDonald event was a great success

On Wednesday 8 November more than 200 alumni, students, employees and business connections attended Cphbusiness Alumni’s largest event so far: a seminar with Chris MacDonald followed by networking.

16 November 2017

Chris MacDonald’s seminar ”Human Performance & Wellbeing” focused on how we can create a balance between work and our spare time, how to combat stress, how our body reacts to our diet, especially sugar, and also how the brain responds to social media. Though the topics were fairly heavy, Chris MacDonald’s presentation was quite different from what we are used to seeing on TV. Chris MacDonald did not downplay the negative effects of sugar, or those of an inactive lifestyle, but his relaxed and humoristic approach made the issues more relatable and understandable.

The emotions horse and the frontal lobe

A great and relevant event, filled with inspiration, reminders and great stories. A good kick in the butt to park bad excuses and just get on with it.

- An anonymous participant

While known for his athletic performances, Chris MacDonald claimed that he was not all that fond of exercising – on the other hand, he appreciated the results of his workouts. He also admitted that being a celebrity has its downsides, because if you’re in the mood for candy, you need to send your kids to the store and get some, because what would other people think if they saw you buying a bag of Matador Mix?

One of the most important points of the evening was perhaps that of the frontal lobe. Chris MacDonald mentioned again and again how this little piece of the brain, weighing only 400 gr., constantly has to battle the rest of our body. This battle was illustrated with a drawing of a horse, representing feelings, and a rider, representing the frontal lobe.

- How do you expect to fall asleep, when you’ve got a horse running around in your bed?, Chris MacDonald asked.

- What you can do, is work on your self-regulation, for example through meditation, he explained.

The seminar ended with a quote from Chris MacDonald’s father, whom he referred to several times during the evening:

- Don’t let what you can’t do stand in the way of what you can do.


After the seminar, Mads Svaneklink from Analog took over to prepare the guests for the networking part of the evening. Each participant was given several bracelets in different colors, to illustrate whether a participant was an alumni, a student, an employee, or a business connection. In addition, the bracelets also indicated whether a participant was looking for an intern/employee or looking for an internship/job. Each participant would wear the bracelets relevant to him/her. The bracelets were supplemented with 4 conversational topics, which the participants could choose from. And so the networking part of the evening started, and for the reminder of the evening, a great deal of talking and activity went on in the beautiful concert hall.

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Cphbusiness Alumni would like to thank everyone who participated and we look forward to welcoming you again to more exciting events next year.