Graduate interview: Mads got a job at PeopleNet A/S

Mads Hansen graduated from Cphbusiness in 2013 and got a job at PeopleNet A/S where he also did his internship. Here he tells about his job.

06 February 2018

I graduated in June 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Software Development and before that with an AP Degree in Computer Science.

My career goals

My goals were very much aimed at finding a job with a wide variety of tasks, with the possibility of self-development and, if possible, combined with traveling. It was therefore not a specific career but more a specific job that could meet my requirements.

My first job

My current workplace is also my first workplace. During my AP degree programme I got a student job at PeopleNet A/S as internal IT staff where I set up servers and prepared courses for them. I found the original student job at Jobindex which I applied for. During my Bachelor’s degree, I did my internship at the same company and was immediately after my graduation hired as a Sharepoint IT consultant.

The first 6 months my tasks mainly consisted of helping my colleagues with smaller development tasks in order for me to gain some experience. After that, I was assigned to a larger project for the prosecution service with a mentor. Since then, I have primarily been on my own two feet and have implemented 50+ intranets during the recent years - either alone or in project groups.

My job today

Today my work consists primarily of holding meetings with clients about tasks they wish to develop. Subsequently, an estimate is made of how long it will take to develop, implement and test the task after which the customer approves and the task is developed.

In essence, my tasks consist of:

  • Development in C# and JavaScript
  • Client meetings
  • Identification of needs, as well as clarification of architecture and infrastructure
  • Counselling of customers in relation to SharePoint.

My future plans

I am incredibly happy to be where I am, so I think I will stay here until I am tired of the life as a consultant.

My advice for job seekers

Firstly, I would recommend getting a study-related job while studying - instead of working as a check-out assistant in Netto or the like. Practical experience is always a good idea in order to see if it really is something for you as many companies are always looking for new employees with some practical experience. And then, it might be that you get the opportunity to get a permanent employment after your graduation.

Secondly, I would recommend searching broadly. Send 50 job applications instead of 5. Go out and meet the workplace personally and remember to familiarize yourself with the company's identity before a job interview.
Many companies are seeking people with experience, so start small and see it as a springboard to the dream job, if it failed to get it the first time.

Yours sincerely,

Mads Hansen
Alumnus, Cphbusiness