Results from our new employment survey

At Cphbusiness Alumni we want to learn more about how to help and assist our alumni in their job search, or other endeavors, after having finished their degrees at Cphbusiness. Therefore, we have completed a survey among our alumni and the results are now here.

For the past couple of years we have sent out employment surveys to our alumni about a year after finishing their degree at Cphbusiness. In the autumn of 2017 Cphbusines Alumni updated the employment survey, in order to better understand what the needs of our alumni are.

Cphbusiness uses the survey as a supplement to the official government records of employment and unemployment. The purpose of the employment survey is to uncover our alumni’s job situation and the result of the survey will be used in advising current students and to explore how unemployed alumni can be helped. The results are also used to assess the study programmes at Cphbusiness.

The following highlights some of the findings in the survey. In analyzing the results, please take into account that the response rate is 60%.

When do our alumi find work?

Of the alumni, taking part in the survey, and who are employed today, most of them found their job just before or just after graduating from their degree programme.

How do our alumni find employment?

Of the alumni, who took part in the survey, and who are employed today, 60% of those with an AP degree found employment just before or just after graduating from Cphbusiness, and 32% found employment through their internship. 58% of our alumni with a Bachelor’s degree found employment just before or just after graduating from Cphbusiness, and 29% of them found employment through their internship.

According to the survey, the degree programme with the highest number of alumni to find employment through their internship is the Danish Financial bachelor’s degree programme with 55%, while 18% of our alumni from the degree programmes Sports Management and Innovation and Entrepreneurship find their first job through their internship.

Many alumni find employment through job listings, networking, and unsolicited applications. For example, 63% of Marketing Management alumni (English degree programme) and 62% of Multimedia Design alumni (Danish degree programme) find employment through job postings, and 25% of Computer Science and Environmental Technician alumni find employment through unsolicited job applications.

Further study

The findings of the survey indicate that most of the alumni from our AP degree programme who have chosen to pursue further study, are studying for a bachelor’s degree at Cphbusiness. Other alumni study at other institutions, such as RUC, CBS, AAU, SDU, AU, while a very few pursue studies abroad.

The survey also indicates that mostly all of our BA alumni who choose to study further, do so at CBS or AAU.

More career advising

In the survey, we also asked our unemployed alumni what Cphbusiness might possibly do to help them find employment.

57% of our AP alumni requested more events, where students and companies are able to meet, while 67% of our BA alumni requested more career advising.

More information

Would you like to know more about our alumni’s employment, e.g. what kind of jobs and in which companies other alumni work, you are welcome to contact us at

A big thank you to those alumni, who answered our survey and helped us create more valuable initiatives for you!

Your alumni team