Cphbusiness and a possible conflict

Read here what we know about the possible conflict and how you, as a student at Cphbusiness, should react.

22 March 2018

Dear student at Cphbusiness,

The notices of dispute in the negotiations of the collective bargaining of 2018 have recently been widely discussed in the media, in the classrooms and around Cphbusiness. We still do not know whether there will actually be a conflict, when it may begin, how long it may last - or how it will affect you and your studies at Cphbusiness.

When will Cphbusiness be part of the conflict?

Cphbusiness may be affected by the conflict at the earliest from 10 April 2018 as we are part of the lockout notice.

A lock-out is a temporary work stoppage or denial of employment initiated by the management of a company during a labor dispute. That is different from a strike in which employees refuse to work. It is usually implemented by simply refusing to admit employees onto company premises and stopping all salary payments until a settlement has been made between the parties.

Therefore, the announced strike, which may begin on 4 April 2018 has no influence on your teaching.

The conflict can be postponed twice for 14 days so later dates are also a possibility. It is very difficult to predict when the conflicts may arise, as it depends on the negotiation process.

Will your teaching be affected by the conflict?

The teaching at Cphbusiness may be affected by the conflict, if the conflict breaks out - but no earlier than 10 April 2018.

Will your exam be affected by the conflict?

If your exam is on 10 April 2018 or later, it may be affected by the conflict. We will give you further information about this, if the conflict breaks out.

What can you do?

Follow the media and stay updated on the Cphbusiness website on whether a settlement is found or if the conflict will begin.

What do you do, if your teacher is locked out?

In case of a conflict, we will inform you via our website, Moodlerooms and your Cphbusiness email. Furthermore, all cancelled teaching will be announced through the time schedule system. We anticipate that our deadlines may be short, so please make sure to check your class schedule regularly, if a conflict breaks out.

We are going away on a study trip in the possible conflict period - what do we do?

If we are affected by the conflict, employees subjected to the conflict will not be able to participate in a study trip, and if the trip has already started, staff members will have to interrupt the trip. We are in a dialogue with the Ministry on how this will affect you as a student and we will come back to you with more information on this subject, as soon as we know more.

We expect you to study and participate in the teaching as usual, until otherwise is announced. We hope that a settlement will be found as soon as possible and that this information, therefore, will be superfluous.

Yours sincerely,

Ole Gram-Olesen