Christina works as a Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Christina Dalby Israelsen graduated from Cphbusiness in February 2017 and was hired by Explorius Education AB shortly after. Get to know more about her job here.

04 April 2018

I graduated in February 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in International Sales and Marketing and before that, I got my AP degree in Marketing Management, also from Cphbusiness.

I am a very analytical person and observe before I make my conclusions. At Cphbusiness, I learned to lean back a little and look at the numbers before making any connections. My two internship periods also provided a foot in the door to the labour market and gave me the opportunity to establish a network before graduating.

My career goals

After graduating, my goal was to work with travel and student exchange, and I have really achieved that, as I am now employed by Explorius Education AB (link: ), which is a company working with High School exchange programmes abroad for young pupils, who are between 14 to 18 years old.

I hope to one day work abroad myself.

My first job

I got the job at Explorius Education AB through my network. During my internship, which also led to a student job, I worked with my current manager and when she moved to a different company, she offered me a full-time job after my graduation.

I was hired right after my graduation and worked part-time for a couple of months, after which I then became a Sales and Marketing Coordinator full-time.

My work day and tasks

As a Sales and Marketing Coordinator, I am responsible for the marketing for Danish host families. I also assist with sales of our exchange programmes to young pupils, who wish to go abroad. My areas of responsibility also include being the contact person for those travelling to Australia.

My work day typically consist of writing and answering several emails with partners and the pupils abroad. I also spend a lot of time on the phone, focusing on sales and support. I often have a lot of meetings and marketing tasks to solve, as well.

On the alumni network

I am part of the alumni network’s Advisory Board, when I have the time, and help develop the network. I have not participated in any of the events yet, but I think it is a great initiative to create a network for Cphbusiness graduates and alumni, especially for those who have not found a job right after graduation. A network like this can really make a difference.

My advice for job seekers and students

My best advice is to network. You really have to use your network

The internship is a really great opportunity to expand your network and offers a unique chance to show off your skills to different people. If you choose to add a Top-up Bachelor’s degree to your AP degree, it is a good idea to do your internships at different companies, even if it might be easier to do both internships with the same company.

It is also a good idea to try different things during your studies, so you get a better sense of what suits you in a professional working environment and which tasks you enjoy doing.

Best regards,

Christina Dalby Israelsen
Alumni, Cphbusiness