The Conference was an overwhelming success

On Tuesday, 13 March 2018, Cphbusiness Alumni opened its doors to the conference From Study to Career to more than 130 participants.

04 April 2018

More than 130 graduates and students from Cphbusiness participated in the conference From Study to Career, which focused on helping participants well on their way with their job and internship search.

The programme opened with a panel debate, which highlighted the competencies of Cphbusiness graduates. The panel consisted of the following:

  • The company Visma, which has experience in recruiting alumni from Cphbusiness
  • The recruitment company Academic Work, which has experience in helping alumni from Cphbusiness onto the job market.
  • Associate Professor Helle Bro Groth, Cphbusiness
  • Alumna Kirsten Delcomyn Hansen, graduated from Marketing Management in 2016
  • Alumna Stine Lund Johansen, graduated from BA in International Sales and Marketing in 2017.

In addition, the programme offered a guide on how to structure one’s CV and job application, a presentation of job portals and recruitment companies that offered specific tools for the job search, as well as a network and LinkedIn workshop.

At the conference, participants could also book an individual 20-minute career counselling session or CV check, have a professional portrait photo taken and meet companies, unions, job portals and recruitment companies.

See the full programme here.

CV checks and career counselling in high demand

After the last conference's high demand for CV checks, the availability of CV checks increased from 25 sessions to 80 sessions, and they could be booked on a first-come-first-served basis. All CV checks were fully booked during the first hour.

Career counselling was also offered as a new initiative, and it proved to be a success, as all sessions were booked during the first 20 minutes.

"It shows that there is a great need for individual career counselling and CV checks. Fortunately, we had prepared an offer for those who showed up in vain, as they could put their name on a list to get a CV check or career counselling another day. We will certainly continue to work to meet the high demand,” says Charlotte Dalgaard Petersen, Alumni Manager at Cphbusiness Alumni.

The companies

Participants at the conference could also meet a number of companies that wanted to recruit candidates for vacant jobs or trainee programmes:

  • Lidl, Europe's largest grocery chain, attended as they specifically sought qualified graduates for their management positions.
  • Out of Home Media participated to find relevant candidates for their trainee programme for graduates, who wish to work with marketing and outdoor advertising.
  • Visma, the North’s leading provider of financial systems, retail and development of major IT solutions, participated because they have great experience with graduates from Cphbusiness.

In addition, the following companies offered services that help with the job search process:

  • Graduateland, som faciliterer Cphbusiness’ jobportal , which facilitates Cphbusiness' job portal Cphbusiness Career, participated and helped participants find relevant job postings.
  • Academic Work, a recruitment company, which focuses on the recruitment of 'young professionals'.
  • Novorésumé offers free CV templates.
  • Find job abroad helps jobseekers find jobs abroad.
  • PLAYapply, a new video job portal, that uses video to create a personal relationship between company and candidate.
  • Statum, a HR-tech start-up recruitment company that helps talents find companies with a DNA that matches theirs.

The following unions and unemployment funds also participated with both CV checking and career counselling:

HK sponsorerede workshoppen ”Netværks- og LinkedIn-workshop” og CA a-kasse sponsorerede oplægget ”Guide til CV og ansøgning”.

At the conference, the participants could also meet the Cphbusiness study and career guidance and talk about the possibilities for studying further on Cphbusiness and they could meet the team behind Cphbusiness Alumni.

The participants’ experience

The participants subsequently evaluated the conference and we are happy to announce some great results, e.g. the overall satisfaction shows that 87% were “Completely satisfied” (27%), “Very satisfied” (23%) or “Satisfied” (47%).

Our participants also provided great and constructive feedback. “Overall, it was a good conference. The organisation of it was very good, nice venue, all prepared and catering was very good. There are some great offers like CV checks and the professional portrait. I liked the presentation from CA on job application because the presenter had some good examples. The panel debate was not very useful to me personally. I would suggest a panel with only graduates that could present some specific examples on how they got their job, how to approach companies and where to find them,” says Cristina Chiper, graduate from BA in International Sales and Marketing Management.

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