The participants learned more about project management

On Thursday 19 April the alumni network hosted an event about project management.

22 June 2018

The guest speakers Lecturer Just Kjærgård Pedersen and Associate Professor Jens Vestgaard from Cphbusiness presented preliminary results from their research project about project management made in collaboration with IBA Kolding.

At the event they spoke about the background and purpose of the research project, and they elaborated the research results that among other things, revealed what challenges there are with working in projects in small and medium-sized companies.

There was also focus on what skills a project manager needs to have today. Here the participants were consulted on what could be taught and how it could be done.

“The event offered great insights and advice to the current state of project management and how educational institutions should think differently on how they teach project management. The speakers’ reflection on how project management is taught and the difference to what actually happens in real-life was enlightening. It offered great opportunity for self-realisation as to how employees and employers could improve on tracking and using project management to their advantage and when to not use it,” says Frederik Zahll Ladehoff, a graduate from BA in International Sales and Marketing Management.

Jonas Haahr Hummel Andersen, who works at tesa Nordic and is also doing a Diploma programme of Leadership, presented his final project on how his employer uses project management and how to improve it.

“What made this event special was the inclusion of a student, who expressed his thoughts on how he and his current employers used project management and if they could improve what they were doing,” says Frederik Zahll Ladehoff.

After the event both the participants and the guest speakers stayed to network over a glass of wine and some snacks and there were a lot of good discussions on project management.