LinkedIn workshop with a focus on how to create a strong online profile

More than 60 participants joined the alumni network’s popular LinkedIn workshop on 23 October.

06 November 2018

Cphbusiness Alumni’s popular LinkedIn workshop was once again hosted by Mads Svaneklink, advisor at communications firm Analog. The workshop particularly focused on how to create an online profile that stands out. One piece of advice from Mads Svaneklink was that on LinkedIn, you don’t want to know many people, but you want to know the right ones – and you stand out by sharing relevant content, advice, og commenting on posts.

The workshop not only focused on digital networking, but also actual networking between the participants. For example, there was a lot of activity through several networking exercises, where participants had to listen to and reiterate what the person next to them had said.

After the workshop, there was an opportunity to mingle and enjoy a glass of wine – a great way to connect with other students and former students, and also to update one’s LinkedIn profile.

Mads Svaneklink was sponsored by HK.