Board of Directors

Copenhagen Business Academy is managed by a Board of 13 Directors whose purpose is to contribute their experience and professional insight into the technical and commercial areas. The Board of directors also contribute their knowledge of the job market's need of people with a certain education to advance the academy's strategic work and professional objectives within the academy's fields of study.

The members have professional qualifications, experience with and insight into both public and private businesses, strategic management, organisation and economy including assessment of budgets and accounts

The board of directors at Copenhagen Business Academy is constituted as follows:

  • Chairman Charlotte Lundblad, appointed by Dansk Erhverv
  • Pia Aarestrup, appointed by Finanssektorens Arbejdsgiverforening
  • Kim Simonsen, appointed by HK Denmark
  • Solveig Ørteby, appointed by LO/FTF
  • Randi Brinckmann, appointed by Professionshøjskolen Metropol
  • Lars Bonde, co-opted member
  • Jes Damsted, co-opted member
  • Annemette Kjærgaard, appointed by CBS
  • Torben Schwabe, co-opted member
  • Annette Larsen, employee representative
  • Henrik Wind-Hansen, employee representative
  • Anine Kjølbæk Sørensen, student representative
  • Samuel Brask Marosi, student representative
  • Ole Gram-Olesen, President, Cphbusiness, official
  • Gregers Christensen, Director of Education, Cphbusiness, official
  • Lars Brejnrod, Director of Finance and Resources, Cphbusiness, official