Media and press contact

Head of media

Pernille Jørgensen
Telephone: (+45) 36 15 46 27

Communication managers

Martin Ove Christensen
Responsibilities: Press, etc.
Tel.: (+45) 36 15 46 75

Anders Molls Axelsen
Responsibilities: Press, etc.
Tel.: (+45) 23 28 18 11

Rikke Thorborg Lind
Responsibilities: Website

Line Ørum Haumann
Responsibilities: Newsletters, social media, etc.

Maja Bonibay Wulffeld
Responsibilities: Campaigns, events and social media

Ida Strøm Werge
Responsibilities: Content marketing

Ida Høybye Hansen
Responsibilities: AD and design

Jakob Ahrenst
Responsibilities: External communication of research and development

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    The purpose of Cphbusiness’ website is to provide relevant and updated information about our study programmes and the business academy.

    Target audience

    First and foremost, the website is designed to with potential students and course participants in mind. Other target audiences are companies, study counsellors, business partners and other stakeholders.

    How to open files

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    Web organisation

    The webmaster is communication coordinator Rikke Thorborg Lind, Media. She has the overall responsibility for the website and for editing and developing the website.


    About the website

    Cphbusiness' website was published in October 2015 and is made in the content management system Umbraco.

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