The founding of Cphbusiness

Copenhagen Business Academy is a state-funded self-governing institution which takes pride in professional skills and a close relation with the business world. We offer education programmes, which combines theory and practical skills.

Our history goes more than a hundred years back. Not in terms of the same educations of course, but in terms of focusing on giving you, as a student, the competences that are in demand by the business world.

The merger

Copenhagen Business Academy was founded in 2009. The political background for forming the academy was a new focus on forming stronger business academies in Denmark.

Untill August 2012 Copenhagen Business Academy offered higher education programmes in cooperation with the four following schools: Niels Brock, Copenhagen North, Copenhagen Hospitality College and the Academy of Chemical and Biotechnical Science.

In August 2012 these higher education programmes were officially transferred from the above mentioned schools to the administration of Copenhagen Business Academy.

Cphbusiness' strategy: Turning knowledge into value