Vacant places

If you have not been admitted into a degree programme, it is due to either:

  • you did not meet the admission requirements,
  • you did not submit sufficient documentation, or
  • the programmes you have applied for has had more applicants than the number of places available.

The educational institutions have, on the basis of an overall evaluation of the individual applicant’s qualifications, admitted the applicants who were best qualified.

If you have not been admitted, you now have two options: You can either apply for vacant places or apply again at the next intake.

  • Apply for vacant places – Summer

    From 28 July, you will here be able to see which vacant places we have at Cphbusiness.

    Vacant places

    Top-up Bachelor’s degree programmes

    • No vacant places

    (The list will continually be updated)

    If you wish to see which educational institutions that on a national basis have vacant places, this information is available on from 28 July.

    How to apply

    If you wish to apply for a vacant place at Cphbusiness, you can do it here.

    Below you can find our online application form and additional other forms, which can be used for applying at Cphbusiness.

    The application form must be filled in online and your documents must be uploaded at the same time.

    Please notice that you can only apply for two priorities.

    The application deadline is 15 August at 12 noon (CET), but we encourage all applicants to apply as soon as possible.

    For information regarding documentation and more, please see our application guide.

    Applicants for our vacant places are admitted on the basis of an overall evaluation of the qualifications of the applicant in question.

    All applicants will receive a reply at Cphbusiness Applicantnet.

    Applicants are admitted continuingly and will receive an answer to their application as soon as the application has been assesed.

    Please be aware that applicants holding a Master’s degree only can be considered for a vacant study place, if there still are vacant study places once the application deadline has passed.

  • Apply at next intake

    If you have not been admitted to the programme of your choice, you of course have the possibility of applying again at the next intake.

    At Cphbusiness, we have summer admission with study start in August/September on our Top-up Bachelor’s degree programme in Web Development. We do not offer winter admission, with study start in January/February on any of our Top-up Bachelor's degree programmes.

    Are you interested in the Top-up Bachelor’s degree programme in Web Development, you can find further information here.

    If you wish to apply at the next intake, please go to: