For companies

Every semester Cphbusiness students provide companies with talented labour as well as new ideas and perspectives as they carry out internships in a wide range of job sectors.

As a potential intern taker looking for talented students to drive your projects forward, we welcome you to contact us in order to see if there is a good match. It is possible for your internship posting to be uploaded to our database and representatives from your company also have the possibility to attend one of our in-house career fairs. If interested please contact: International Coordinator Frederik Hasle (

Many companies receive interns multiple times, because they appreciate the ability of our students to quickly deliver results and turn theory into practice. For a number of job sectors the internships often become a stepping stone to hiring the intern in a part time or full time job after graduation.

Cphbusiness and the business community

At Cphbusiness we cultivate a strong connection to the business world through our activities. This makes us able to continuously develop our study programmes according to current and future needs in Denmark as well as globally. With mandatory internships and concrete case work as an integral element of our study programmes our graduates become skilful employees or entrepreneurs, with solid theoretical knowledge, team work ethic and the real life competencies necessary to quickly adapt and contribute in the modern job market.

Teaching at Cphbusiness is based on theory as well as case studies. Cases are inspired from the business life and students often analyse and help solve “real-life” problems that companies of all sizes struggle with.

Guest speakers, case competitions, business-cases boot-camps and other extra activities are part of the mandatory elements of our study programmes. Each programme (also) includes a compulsory internship period of minimum 3 months, where students get the opportunity to apply theories learned at Cphbusiness in a real business environment.

It is possible for companies and organisations of all sizes, in Denmark or abroad, to benefit from taking one or more interns from Cphbusiness. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested to learn if there is a good match and to get more information about our study programmes.

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