Credit transfer

Credit Transfers on Full-Time Pogrammes

If you have previously passed a programme of higher education in whole or in part, you may apply for a transfer of one or more passed exams to your current programme at Cphbusiness. This is called a credit transfer.

An exam can only be transferred if it is comparable to an exam on your current programme at Cphbusiness in terms of educational level, ECTS-points, and contents.

Most exams at Cphbusiness are interdisciplinary in nature, and it can therefore be difficult to obtain a credit transfer. You are always welcome to contact your local study guidance office for more information about the matter.

  • The basis of a credit transfer

    Your application for a credit transfer is processed by a professional, who assesses if the educational level, ECTS-points, and contents of the exam that you have previously passed can be equated to a given exam on your current programme at Cphbusiness.

    You must send us as much documentation as possible about the exam that you want transferred.

    In order to assess your application we require:

    • An official course description from the programme that you have previously attended (direct link to the course description). The description must include:
      o ECTS-points (graduates from colleges/universities in EU-member states only) or the number of hours per subject
      o A description of the contents
      o Learning objectives
    • Certified documentation of your grade(s) from the exam that you want transferred.

    If the original documents are not issued in English or Danish, authorized translations into either language must be enclosed as well as the original documents.

    We will not assess your application for a credit transfer until we have received all the required documentation.

  • Consequences of a credit transfer

    If you are granted a credit transfer, you are exempt from participating in the corresponding exam on your current programme at Cphbusiness. When you have received the decision, you may not participate in the exam concerned. You will thus not be given the opportunity to improve your original grade. You are naturally welcome to attend class in the subject covered at the exam.

    If you are granted a credit transfer, your original grade will not be included on your diploma issued by Cphbusiness. The original grade will be replaced by “pass” or “approved” on the Cphbusiness-diploma. Your original grade will therefore not be included in your average grade at Cphbusiness.

  • How to apply

    You must complete, sign, and upload the form ”Application for Credit Transfer” and all required documentation to our website.

    You will receive a decision as soon as possible. The beginning of an academic year and exam terms are busy periods, and the processing of your case may therefore take a while.

    You cannot apply for a credit transfer until you have been admitted to a programme at Cphbusiness.

    Application form

    You can download the application form here.

  • Upload application form

    If you wish to apply for a credit transfer, you must fill out the blanks below and upload the documentation we require to process your application.

    Information about documentation required is available on this website.

    Write your full name
    Programme and campus you have been admitted to
    Upload your application