How can you be admitted to Inkubatoren?

As a Cphbusiness student, you can apply to be admitted to Inkubatoren for a limited period. We regularly receive applications.

The admissions process for Inkubatoren comprises four steps:

Step 1: Read what Inkubatoren has to offer and what is expected of you

Step 2: Submit your application

Email your application with reasons and a CV (see email addresses below)
In the application, you must briefly explain your reasons (1-2 A4 pages or a 2 min. video):

  • What needs will be met by your idea? Is it a real need?
  • Who is your target group?
  • What preliminary studies have you conducted? (How have you explored the need? Who and how many people have you spoken to?)
  • How will you earn money? (What is your business model?)
  • Why do you want to be part of Inkubatoren? How can you contribute to the group?

Students from Cphbusiness Lyngby and Cphbusiness Hillerød usually join Inkubatoren at Cphbusiness Lyngby and should write to Hans Fagt ( and Morten Dam Jespersen (

Students from Cphbusiness Nørrebro, Cphbusiness City and Cphbusiness Søerne usually join Inkubatoren at Cphbusiness Søerne and should write to Marianne Skovgaard Hansen ( or Morten Dam Jespersen (

Step 3: Admission interview

Once your application has been received, a decision will be made on whether you are ready to be called in for a 30-minute admission interview. If it appears that you have not sufficiently researched your business idea, you will either be advised to carry out more research, or to participate in Business idea workshops at Cphbusiness, where you can obtain help with developing your business idea.

When you are ready for the admission interview, you must have prepared the following:

  1. Brief presentation of your business idea, focusing on the unique selling points (USPs).
  2. An analysis of the competitive situation, and how you will position yourself accordingly.
  3. Your business model and expected business potential.
  4. Your plan for the next month, and your objectives for the next six months.

At the interview, you will be expected to have prepared a thorough and personal presentation of your company idea, in which you take a realistic approach to your own time and resources.

Step 4: Admission or second admissions interview

Following the interview, there are two possibilities:

  • You are admitted, and participate in the next lunch meeting in Inkubatoren, at which you are given a contract and a key to the Inkubatoren offices.
  • You develop your business idea further, and attend a new meeting by agreement.