Three good stories from Inkubatoren


Nikolaj Gulmann and Anders Lund had a good idea while attending the entrepreneurship lessons at Cphbusiness: Shopping bags for bicycles. They were part of Inkubatoren for 18 months, after which an investor came on board, and the business took off. In 2015, Bikezac won the Dagrofa prize for best retail idea. “Now our product is being sold in 15 countries,” says Nikolaj Gulmann.


Julie Clément started her company www.clé.com while she was studying at Cphbusiness. Clé produces sustainable interior design products from leather and wood. “When I was admitted to Inkubatoren, I immediately felt much more motivated, and sales exploded,” says Julie Clément.

Street Society


Kareem Ahmed wanted to help make positive changes to society. With, he and two friends organise sports events for children and young people in disadvantaged residential areas of Copenhagen. “Being part of the entrepreneurial environment at Cphbusiness has helped me to develop my interest and my dream into a fast-growing not-for-profit organisation,” says Kareem Ahmed.