Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning admission, accommodation, CPR-numbers, deadlines, insurances, transport etc.

  • Accommodation

    Q: How can I find accommodation for my stay in Denmark?

    A: The housing situation in Denmark can be very difficult, so we recommend that you do start looking for a room or apartment as soon as possible. Please check our links and advice on finding accommodation.

  • Admission requirements

    Q: What are the admission requirements for the programmes?

    A: The AP degree and Top-up Bachelor’s degree programmes have different admission requirements. Please see the admission requirements for your chosen programme here.

  • CPR-number

    Q: What is a CPR-number?

    A: A CPR-number is the Danish civil registration number. Read more information about it here.

  • Car

    Q: Can I bring my car to Denmark?

    A: Yes, bringing your car to Denmark is a possibility although public transport and biking work perfectly in Copenhagen. Please check rules for taxes and parking before you make a decision.

  • Danish requirements

    Q: Do I need to learn Danish before I start?

    A: No. Danish skills are not required for our international educations, although we do encourage our students to learn Danish during their stay in Denmark. All classes are taught in English. Read more about learning Danish.

  • English requirements

    Q: What are the the requirements for my English skills?

    A: Due to the fact that all teaching is conducted in English, we expect you to have a certain level of English language proficiency. Please see Admission Requirements of the programme to which you are applying. See AP degree programmes or Top-up Bachelor’s degree.

  • Facebook

    Q: Can I find Cphbusiness on Facebook?

    A: Yes, please visit us on Facebook at: facebook.com/copenhagenbusinessacademyOr our page for international students: facebook.com/CphbusinessInternational.

  • Insurance

    Q: Do I need an insurance?

    A: It is highly recommended that you take out a health insurance for your first months in Denmark as well as liability and theft insurance for the whole duration of your stay. After obtaining a CPR-number, you will be covered by the Danish national health insurance. Please read more about insurance here.

  • Job opportunities

    Q: Can I have a job while studying?

    A: Having a part-time job next to studies is quite common for our students. Please read more about the maximum number of hours allowed, as well as other useful information here.

  • Residence permit

    Q: How do I get a residence permit?

    A: All students who will be staying for more than three months in Denmark need to apply for a residence permit. Please read more here.

  • Study programmes

    Q: What are the study programmes at Cphbusiness?

    A: We offer both AP degree programmes and Top-up Bachelor’s degree programmes within the areas of mercantile, service and IT. Please see Study programmes for a full overview of which educations are available.

  • SU

    Q: Am I entitled to SU (Danish state education grant)?

    A: Some international students can apply for SU. For further information please visit the SU homepage.

  • Social life

    Q: How is the social life at Cphbusiness?

    A: Cphbusiness has a very active social community with arrangements both on and off campus. The student organization Cphbusiness Students are responsible for organizing social events. Please visit their Facebook page.