Board of Directors

The board of Cphbusiness Students is the governing body of the student organisation and works with the strategy for the student organisation and the daily tasks.

Board meetings are held at least four times a year.


Board members

The board consists of five students who are elected at the annual general meeting (AGM) and three alternates elected by the attendees with voting rights.

Furthermore the board includes two employee representatives appointed by the president of Cphbusiness.

Membership period

The board is elected for the period 1 January – 31 December in the year following the AGM in which it was elected. The board members have the opportunity to be re-elected.

New elections take place at the AGM.

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Chairman and vice chairman

The members of the board choose the chairman and the vice chairman from within the board.

The chairman is elected by the board and must be elected from among the students.

The vice chairman is elected by the board of directors and helps the chairman with the tasks and responsibilities.

  • The board of Cphbusiness

    Content and responsibility

    The student representatives in Cphbusiness’ board of directors are chosen by the student organisation’s board of directors. The student representatives take part in issues about student politics and have influence on activities of the business academy and gain knowledge about these, for example retention activities.

    The function of the student representatives on the board is to act as a link between the students at Cphbusiness and the board at Cphbusiness.

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