Finance sustains overview and order in the studentorginisation’s economy.The primary role in Finance is as a treasurer where you have acces and are responsible for the studentorganisation’s account, which is also where the tasks must be produced from.


The tasks include:

  • Administration of their mail
  • Administration and ayment of the student organisation's expenses
  • Composition of annual reports for the studnet organisation which is presentes to the annual general meeting
  • Financial orientation/briefing to the rest of the volunteers at the board meetings and status meetings
  • Follow up on budgets regaring ongoing projects - together with the project manager

If you arent interested in possesing the primary role but still wants to share your experience and help out, then you are more than welcome to become volunteer anyways. The studentorganisation always needs more hands to help out regarding the different tasks.

Want to be a part of Finance? Send us an unsolited application to