Vision, mission and values

Vision - where are we heading?

Cphbusiness Students has a vision! Everything we do, we do to ensure that Cphbusiness is the best place for you to get a higher professional education. Nothing less.

Mission - why are we here?

At Cphbusiness Students, we have a mission! We aim to create a valuable academic and social study environment. This we intend to secure via a close interaction between students and the administration at Cphbusiness.

Values - what are our values?

At Cphbusiness Students we have the following values ​​that play a central role for our student organisation:

Fellowship – together we stand

We value FELLOWSHIP dearly. Therefore we prefer that we all do everything together. This means, for example, that everyone is invited to the same parties, Friday bars, sports activities, etc. regardless of which department you belong to.

We see Cphbusiness as one big community of students, and the stronger we stand together the more activities we can do, and the more fun it will be to be a student! And we like to have FUN!

Respect - we respect you

We find RESPECT extremely important! Therefore, we respect each other and YOU. We think that you are important and we would like to hear what you think and what your ideas are.

Therefore, we work extensively with activities to ensure that you, as a student at Cphbusiness, are heard and get the best opportunities to influence both social and academic activities.

All ideas and inputs are welcome because there should be room for all of us – it is the most fun when everyone is feeling well. And we are happy when you are happy!

Honesty - creates transparency

We really like HONESTY! Therefore, we are honest with you and we expect you to be honest with us. We will always do our best to make you know what is going on and that you feel good during your studies at Cphbusiness - and if we do not succeed in some ways, we will make sure to be open and honest about it.

We will ensure that you get the chance to influence your study environment and can always speak your mind. And we like it best when you are HONEST!

The footprint

At Cphbusiness Students we have a purpose, which is formulated in a so called "Footprint". The footprint is created by students from all the campuses.

Click here to read the footprint and get the answers on the following questions:

  • Where does the student organisation come from?
  • What are the most important tasks for the student organisation?
  • Who does the student organisation represent?
  • How is the personality of the student organisation?
  • What makes the student organisation different?
  • Which values does the student organisation have?
  • What is the overall purpose of the student organisation?