Alumni’s 1 year birthday

Week 26 2017, the alumni network turned one year and celebrated its birthday at all the Cphbusiness’ campuses.

03 July 2017

Last year at the graduations, the alumni network was launched, which means that we are now able to celebrate our one year birthday.

The team behind Cphbusiness Alumni chose to celebrate by inviting to a birthday celebration at each campus with lots of cake.

  • Monday 26/6, we celebrated at Cphbusiness Søerne
  • Tuesday 27/6, we celebrated at Cphbusiness Lyngby
  • Wednesday 28/6, we celebrated at Cphbusiness City
  • Thursday 29/6, we celebrated at Cphbusiness Laboratorie og Miljø
  • Friday 30/6, we celebrated at Cphbusiness Nørrebro

Thank you to all of you who dropped by to celebrate with us!

The first year in facts

At the birthday celebration the alumni team shared the first year’s achievements, which is summed up in a Birthday Report.

Here are some of the quick facts from the Birthday Report:

  • 8.500 alumni receive the alumni newsletter
  • 14 events have been executed
  • 4 newsletters have been sent out
  • 378 posts have been posted on the social media
  • 42 articles have been published on
  • 4 alumni interviews have been made
  • The jobportal Cphbusiness Career for both students and alumni has been launched

Read the Birthday Report here.

See the pictures from the birthday celebrations on Facebook.