Jesper Thisted Larsen nominated for Undervisningsprisen 2021

The tireless commitment ensures associate professor Jesper Thisted Larsen the nomination for Undervisningsprisen 2021 at Cphbusiness.

15 January 2021

When Jesper Thisted Larsen teaches, he always has a spark and shows great commitment. Therefore, there were nominations from no less than five students and an entire class that pointed to Jesper Thisted Larsen as the recipient of the teaching award Undervisningsprisen 2021 at Cphbusiness.

- I'm really proud of it. And touched too, said Jesper Thisted Larsen, when he was surprised by Cphbusiness' president and directors at a video meeting early in the day.

A total of six teachers were nominated for the award this year. They had all received well-founded nominations from students and colleagues, but it was still a unanimous jury that pointed to Jesper Thisted Larsen as Cphbusiness' candidate for the national award.

Learn more about the award here: Nominate your lecturers for Undervisningsprisen 2021

In the race for DKK 500,000

With the title as winner of Undervisningsprisen 2021 at Cphbusiness, Jesper Thisted Larsen is part of the pool of finalists for the national award.

All the business academies in Denmark will each find their candidate, and at the beginning of 2021, the business academy sector will find the one winner who receives the national award from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and a total prize sum of DKK 500,000.

Assistant Professor Per Reeslev from Cphbusiness won the national prize last year - the first to be awarded.

Congratulations to Jesper Thisted Larsen!