Cocktail night for students

Join the virtual cocktail night hosted by our student bar Pascal and

19 March 2021

Our student bar Pascal and have joined forces in order to host a virtual Cocktail Night for you and your friends at Cphbusiness Thursday 25 March 7.30 p.m.

This Cocktail Night is hosted together with a professional bartender from, who will teach us how to make a delicious Mojito cocktail the proper way.

The bartender will teach us about the choice of ingredients, the correct procedure of making the cocktail etc.

When the cocktail is made and ready to enjoy, our hosts will provide some cocktail games with nice prizes for you to win while we all enjoy the cocktail!

Get ready to a battle between study programmes. Is it the marketing management students or the finance students who rock the cocktail games? We can’t wait to find out!

The winners do not just win a prize for themselves – but for the entire study group!

Cocktail kits

In order to get the most out of the event, we recommend that you buy the cocktail kit that you prefer from Here is the information about the different cocktail kits for the event (remember that it is optional to buy). Each cocktail kit contains handpicked ingredients to make at least 10 cocktails (which means less than 30 DKK pr cocktail in the original version).

The original Mojito cocktail kit

The original Mojito cocktail kit contains 0,70L Pampero Blanco rum from Venezuela, organic mint syrup, organic dehydrated Brasilian limes, organic lime juice and sparkling water.

When you register for the event, you get the link to buy the original Mojito Cocktail kit from with the discount.
Price 293 DKK ex delivery.

Please notice that offer free delivery up to and including 19 March, which means the price for the kit is 280 DKK including delivery.

The virgin Mojito cocktail kit

The Mojito virgin cocktail kit contains a substitute rum product (0.5% alcohol) and organic mint syrup, organic dehydrated Brasilian limes, organic lime juice and sparkling water.

When you register for the event, you receive information about how to buy the virgin Mojito cocktail kit.

Price 319 DKK ex delivery.

Buy your own cocktail kit

If you prefer to buy the cocktail ingredients yourself, you will get a shopping list for the ingredients, when you register for the event.


In order for us to send you the cocktail kit discount link or shopping list and the practical information, you need to sign up for the event.

Register here

The practical stuff

Here is the practical stuff you need to know about this Cocktail Night:

  • Four of your awesome fellow students are hosts at the event.
  • The event is for all students at Cphbusiness (you are welcome to bring your roomie or other friends from your "bubble").
  • The event will be hosted in English.
  • Keep updated on the event on Facebook.
  • The event will take place at Zoom (Passcode if needed: 649653)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We can’t wait to drink cocktails together with you!

// Love & Hugs
Your Pascal team