Invitation: Avoid stress 8 June 2017

Would you like to know how to avoid stress in your work life? Join this event and get closer to a better work life. The event is in Danish.

28 April 2017

(This event is in Danish)

At the event, Johan Bendixen, lecturer from Cphbusiness, will provide tools and good advice on how to change your way of thinking in order to avoid stress.

Johan Bendixen will also unfold what defines stress, what causes stress and the responsibility of the management and employees.

The event will primarily focus on work related stress, but is relevant to everyone, no matter if you are an employee or a student.

Johan Bendixen has a Master’s degree in Positive psychology and in Human Resource Development. Johan is also certified in International Coaching Community and as a stress coach. Besides that, he runs his own company Academy Business Coach.

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