New mentoring arrangement in Danish

Cphbusiness Alumni has established a collaboration with Dansk Markedsføring to bring a new mentoring arrangement to Cphbusiness’ former and recent alumni.

07 July 2017

Dansk Markedsføring is offering a mentoring arrangement for Cphbusiness’ alumni within the field of marketing, sales and communication. The mentoring arrangement is only in Danish.

What's it all about?

The purpose is to provide newly trained professionals at the start of their career, a safe and good start that can help qualify the mentees to the next step in their careers. This mentoring arrangement can help and support alumni of Cphbusiness.

Dansk Markedsføring runs two annual Danish-speaking mentoring arrangements starting in September and February. Each mentee is put together with a mentor based on the mentees wishes and mentor's experiences. Then, both parties meet approx. 3-5 times during a period of four months. In these meetings, there is the opportunity to discuss topics such as specialization, work-life balance, relationships with colleagues, network care and much more.

Requirements for mentees

The mentoring arrangement in Dansk Markedsføring is reserved for:

  1. Newly educated profiles working with marketing, sales and communication.
  2. You must be newly educated and maximum have been working for 3 years.
  3. The mentoring arragement is in Danish, therefore it is a requirement that you speak Danish.
  4. You must be a member of the Dansk Markedsføring

About the mentors

The mentors are selected because they represent some of the industry's sharpest profiles, who have the desire, knowledge and exciting experiences, they would like to share with the ambitious, newly educated professionals.

How can I get involved?

To get a mentor, you must be a member of the Dansk Markedsføring (no later than 1 month before mentoring starts).

Only 30 mentees are accepted in each period. Deadline for application for a mentor for the fall is: 20 August 2017.

Read more about the requirements and how to apply here.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Danish Markedsføring on telephone: +45 38 11 87 87 or email: