The five finalists have been found

The finalists for this year's Cphbusiness Internship of the Year 2019 have been found.

15 April 2019

The five finalists for this year's Cphbusiness Internship of the Year have been found among 59 nominations from former and current students who have been doing their internship during the fall of 2018 or the spring of 2019.

Thank you to all the students who have nominated their internship for Cphbusiness Internship of the Year!

During the month of March, 59 students have nominated their internship for the Cphbusiness Internship of the Year 2019, and the nominations have been further cut down through a panel of internship counsellors at Cphbusiness. The result is the five internships, which are now in the final.

The five finalists

The five finalists are:

  • Alfonso Soto Antúnez, AP Degree in Marketing Management (International), Architectmade
  • Nadja Elisabeth Brehmer, AP Degree in Marketing Management (Danish), GroupM
  • Karl Emil Hjuler Kofod, AP Degree in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management, An Agency
  • Caroline Fischer Larsen, Bachelor's Degree Programme in Financial Management and Service (Finansbachelor), Söderberg & Partners
  • Asger Helby Petersen, AP Degree in Financial Management, Spar Nord København

Common to all internships is that the intern and the internship company have been the right match for each other, and that during the internship there has been a clear connection between theory acquired in school and practice in the company.

- At this year's election of the five best internships at Cphbusiness, however, we have also been able to trace an additional trend, namely that the students connect the internship with much more than the weekly work effort, says Sabrina Speiermann, Head of Study and Career Guidance at Cphbusiness.

There are several aspects of working life that are important. And this is experienced not least as an intern, she says.

- The social interaction with colleagues, the feeling of making a difference, not only professionally but also on the personal level, plays an increasingly important role for the interns. This is something companies should be aware of in their future recruitment of new young employees.

The winner of this year's Cphbusiness Internship of the Year will be found on 24 April 2019 and will be published shortly thereafter.

The winner goes on to the national final, where winners from all of the Danish business academies compete for the title as Business Academy Internship of the Year at Børssalen in Copenhagen on 28 May.

Meet the finalists

In the list below you can meet all five finalists and learn more about each of their internships.

  • Alfonso Soto Antúnez, AP Degree in Marketing Management, Architectmade

    Name: Alfonso Soto Antúnez

    Study Programme: AP Degree in Marketing Management

    Internship Company: Architectmade

    An extract from Alfonso Soto Antúnez' nomination:

    I have been working in hospitality for more than 6 years in Austria, Switzerland and Spain, having worked with different types of managers and in international teams. I never felt so welcome and respected as I did at this Danish design company.

    I never feel alone as everyone is willing to support me as another team member. I find it exciting to be given a project where I will be fully in charge of the Spanish market.

    Before I started my internship, I could not imagine that my knowledge curve and personal development could skyrocket as it is doing right now.

    Aside from this, as my colleagues know that I am learning Danish they help me every day to practice it to feel part of the company. This has made me want to apply for the Top-up and do it fully in Danish. I do not think I would have thought about it if it were not because of my internship.

    At Architectmade, they only have praising and positive words to describe the internship with.

    - Alfonso has made a great impression because he is so talented, and he really wants to make an effort. We cooperate very well, and we are very similar in many ways when it comes to structure. It has been a positive surprise, and he has been the best intern we have had so far. We are very impressed, says Lena Sørensen who is Management Assistant at Architectmade and was Alfonso Soto Antúnez’ Internship Contact.

    Architectmade has given him a lot of responsibility and that is to a great extent a result of his own efforts, says Lena Sørensen.

    - I feel completely comfortable to count on Alfonso and the fact that what he does, is the right thing to do. It is great to be able to trust hundred percent that he will do the right thing. It has a lot to do with his personality, that he is the type who wants it and fights for it, she says.

    Cphbusiness' panel of internship counsellors justifies the choice of Alfonso Soto Antúnez' internship this way:

    Alfonso has completed his internship at Architectmade. Alfonso has worked in Austria, Switzerland and Spain with different kinds of management and leaderships, but never has he felt so welcome and equal as he has in this Danish company, Architectmade.

    From day one, Alfonso was involved in the daily tasks as an equal employee. Architectmade provided a well-organized internship with appropriate challenges. With his Spanish background, Alfonso had the responsibility for the Spanish market among other things. With this acknowledgement, Alfonso strengthened his professional confidence, and Architectmade even made an effort of Alfonso’s integration by practicing Danish with him, so now he feels linguistically strong enough to apply for a Top-up Bachelor’s degree in Danish at Cphbusiness.

  • Nadja Elisabeth Brehmer, AP Degree in Marketing Management, GroupM

    Name: Nadja Elisabeth Brehmer

    Study Programme: AP Degree in Marketing Management (Danish)

    Internship Company: GroupM

    I was greeted by the sweetest and most intelligent people I have met in a long time. My team was really prepared to teach and guide me and follow my journey. Especially my contact person made a huge impression. We got along very well, and she could feel when I was ready to get more challenging tasks.


    I quickly became independent in my work, and as the months went by, I became excellent at developing strategies, campaign planning, setting up in Google Ads, executing campaigns and measuring effects to refine and customize them.

    This is how Nadja describes her internship in her nomination for Cphbusiness Internship of the Year 2019.

    At GroupM they have been pleased to have Nadja as an intern. Especially her eagerness to improve her skills is being highlighted.

    - Nadja is a good example of the type of interns we look for in GroupM. In the months we have had Nadja as an intern in the house, she has constantly shown great curiosity, pro-activity and a willingness to learn and help wherever she could, says Christine Wegener who is Talent Officer at GroupM.

    - Nadja has made a choice that her internship should be a learning process with a great focus on being able to develop her professional competences in digital marketing and the agency industry, Christine says.

    The internship was selected by Cphbusiness' panel of internship counsellors with the following reason:

    From day one, Nadja was involved in the daily tasks as an equal employee. GroupM had organized an introduction course of 14 days which included social and professional elements. GroupM provided a well-designed internship with appropriate challenges both academically and personally for Nadja. Nadja's contact person was especially good at sharing her knowledge and had a good feeling for when Nadja was ready for new tasks.

    Nadja has developed her skills on top up of the skills she gained at Cphbusiness and is now feeling excellent in relation to marketing.

    Therefore, it is to a great extent GroupM's efforts that Nadja now can finish her studies with a belief in herself and a concrete experience of the interaction between theory and practice.

  • Karl Emil Hjuler Kofod, AP Degree in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management, An Agency

    Name: Karl Emil Hjuler Kofod

    Study Programme: AP Degree in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management

    Internship Company: An Agency

    An excerpt from Karl Emil Hjuler Kofod’s nomination:

    When I started my internship, I already had some knowledge and work experience from the industry, which my new colleagues have made a virtue of refining and improving. In spite of busyness in the company, my colleagues showed great commitment in sharing their knowledge with me.

    As an intern at An Agency I have never felt like an intern, but as an integral part of the team.

    Professionally, I have grown a lot and have gained increasing interest in both the industry and business life in practice. I was a part of a dynamic team where everyone was able to share their ideas, knowledge and experiences.


    The management at An Agency has shown trust and faith in my abilities and has left the responsibility for planning, coordination and execution of events with me several times.

    Mikkel Vibe is a partner in An Agency and has been responsible for the internship. He has been pleased to have Karl Emil Hjuler Kofod as an intern and emphasizes his approach to work.

    - He has a great drive, eagerness to work and an eagerness to learn new things, he hasn’t worked with before. He was able to work with tasks hands on with ease because of his earlier experience from his work and study. We think it has been a very good experience, says Mikkel Vibe.

    He also appreciates the nomination for Cphbusiness Internship of the Year.

    - We are incredibly pleased. We have had interns from Cphbusiness previously and have never been in the competition before. Kalle asked for permission to nominate us and we are really pleased to have come so far, says Mikkel vibe.

    The panel of internship counsellors from Cphbusiness choose Karl Emil Hjuler Kofod's internship with the following reason:

    An Agency is a company that perfectly balances the line between providing challenging tasks while supporting and training the intern to be able to accomplish the same tasks. Karl Emil has from the first week felt like a respected employee in a dynamic and inventive team where creative ideas could flourish and where his professionalism as a student at the AP Degree in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management could be brought into play.

    Throughout the internship, Karl Emil has gained more responsibility as he has grown with the assignments, and the company has shown him great confidence by making him the facilitator of planning and conducting events.

    The internship has been a highly positive experience for Karl Emil, where he has both developed professionally, and on a personal level he has become certain that he will work in the event industry in the future. An Agency has particularly benefited from Karl Emil's independence and theoretical foundation regarding events as well as professional communication and motivation of the event team.

  • Caroline Fischer Larsen, Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Management and Service, Söderberg og Partners

    Name: Caroline Fischer Larsen

    Study Programme: Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Management and Service

    Internship Company: Söderberg & Partners

    Being a part of a company as an equal employee and meeting up every morning with the feeling that others are dependent on the things that I can and have learned, has developed me both personally and professionally. Being invested in and learning new professional skills so that I can contribute actively and get responsibility, is what I have learned the most from.

    From day one my internship company believed in me, my thoughts and ideas. My efforts and increasing skills have always been acknowledged.

    This is how Caroline Fischer Larsen writes about her internship in her nomination for Cphbusiness Internship of the Year 2019.

    According to the Chief Operating Officer and Intern Responsible Sara Skov, Caroline Fischer Larsen has quickly become part of the "family" as an equal employee.

    - I have experienced Caroline as a very responsible girl who is searching for responsibility and without hesitation taking whatever tasks, there might be. She has quickly become a part of the family and you do not even think of her as an intern. Her words and ideas are just as important as other employees, she says.

    Sara Skov sees the nomination for Cphbusiness Internship of the Year as a great recognition, and she is pleased that Caroline Fischer Larsen has been satisfied with her internship.

    The internship was selected by Cphbusiness' panel of internship counsellors with the following reasoning:

    Through her internship at Söderberg & Partners, Caroline has grown both personally and professionally. Söderberg & Partners has treated Caroline as an equal employee from day one. The company have had requirements for her, but they have also listened carefully to her ideas about optimization of various work processes – based on the theories she is familiar with from her study, the Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Management and Service. Caroline has gained a concrete experience of what it means to be an employee in a young, dynamic and growing company with focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.

    In addition, Caroline has been updated with extra education in relation to cyber insurance - an extremely topical field. Overall, the good match between Caroline and Söderberg & Partners has equipped Caroline for a future in the consulting industry.

  • Asger Helby Petersen, AP Degree in Financial Management, Spar Nord København

    Name: Asger Helby Petersen

    Study Programme: AP Degree in Financial Management

    Internship Company: Spar Nord København

    Excerpt from Asger Helby Petersen’s nomination:

    It really has been "learning by doing" and it has really been a Eureka moment for me during the internship that it is the way I learn best. I have grown with the task and have found out that I personally develop myself best when I am assigned responsibility, as it is a declaration of trust in me.

    At the same time, it has developed me personally to get many new tasks assigned to me and to solve them.

    It proves to myself that I am able to perform, and work focused with new subject matters to succeed in the tasks that fall on my desk. It has been a very satisfying experience and quite developing both academically and personally. I really feel I have found my right shelf and am happy to continue as a trainee after the summer holidays.

    It is not only Asger Helby Petersen who is very pleased with the internship. Head of department, John Glerup, is too. Asger delivered a dedicated effort throughout the internship period, and after the three months they can actually feel that he is missing from the department, says the Head of department.

    - Asger has the great ability that you only need tell him once, then he gets it. It is a great ability to have. And he works very independently, says John Glerup.

    Spar Nord København is not planning on letting Asger Helby Petersen go, so on the mid-term interview during the internship period, a trainee contract was ready for signature.

    - We quickly realized that we wanted Asger on the team, and then it is just wonderful that Asger also wants to continue his career with us, says John Glerup.

    Cphbusiness' panel of internship counsellors justifies the choice of Asger Helby Petersen's internship as follows:

    During his internship at Spar Nord København, Asger has been affiliated with a team focusing on new customers. The tasks have been diverse, and Spar Nord København has shown great confidence in Asger and given him responsibility for many tasks. According to Asger, this practical approach and the desire to test himself has contributed to a very positive development for him both professionally and personally, as he is motivated by concrete results.

    However, the theoretical elements from the financial management programme have also prepared Asger in relation to the practical challenges. When it comes to sales and customers, the education's models for customer needs and questioning technique have been extremely relevant and valuable to Asger during the internship. Asger has been able to contribute with a fresh perspective in relation to the task solution, and together with Spar Nord København he has been able to establish the mutual benefit that is the ideal outcome of the internship.