Entrepreneurs receive Sustainable Development Goals grants

Three companies from Inkubatoren at Cphbusiness have been awarded The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship and Tuborgfondet’s Sustainable Development Goals Grant.

13 January 2021

The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship and Tuborgfondet have joined forces to award grants to young entrepreneurs who want to create sustainable businesses based directly on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Many of the companies in Cphbusiness’ entrepreneurial community Inkubatoren work with sustainable concepts, and now three of the companies – Ideel Coffee, Twig and Konsus – have been rewarded with the grants for their efforts.

Read more about Inkubatoren at cphbusiness.dk here: Inkubatoren.

Ideel Coffee has won a competition and received a grant of 30,000 kroner. Twig has been awarded a micro grant of 25,000 kroner through an application and Konsus has received a grant of 30,000 kroner in the same way.

Meet the entrepreneurs

Here you can meet the entrepreneurs and get to know more about what the companies do, what they have gained from being part of the entrepreneurial community Inkubatoren at Cphbusiness, and how they are going to use the grant:

Ideel Coffee

Ideel Coffee produces biodegradable coffee capsules and will use the UN Sustainable Development Goals grant to develop their product, which is close to being launched, in collaboration with end-users.

See more from Ideel Coffee on ideel-kaffe.dk here: Ideel Coffee.


Twig produces natural and sustainable toothbrushes, and the micro grant will among other things help to collect and test data for further development of their sustainable products and optimize the quality.

Read more about Twig at twigtoothbrush.dk here: Twig.


Konsus advises non-profit housing organisations in the field of sustainability and is developing a software that will make it easier for the building responsibles to reduce climate footprints and much more. The grant will be used to accelerate the development of that software.


Read more about Konsus at konsus.dk here: Konsus.

About The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship

Read more about The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship at eng.ffe-ye.dk here: The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship.