Webinar: Knowledge sharing on social media

Cphbusiness Alumni invites you to a webinar with Peter Svarre and Hans-Christian Christiansen, which focuses on how companies can use digital and social media in their dissemination of knowledge, branding and work.

06 April 2021

With increasing demands on using digital networks for knowledge sharing and professional collaborations, digital communication can contribute to the creation of innovation in companies and the optimization of the individual employee's competencies.

Knowledge in a Digital World: Threats and Resources - PhD Hans-Christian Christiansen

Digital dissemination characterizes our knowledge work for better and for worse: Digital communication can create conspiracies and filter bubbles but can also contribute with resources for companies and employees.

Based on his new book, Hans-Christian Christiansen presents methods and examples of the use of social media for knowledge dissemination, branding and thought leadership.

The value of human expertise in a digital culture - author Peter Svarre

Artificial intelligence is increasingly shaping our work and everyday lives and raising the issue of the value of human intelligence.

Based on the book "What are we going to do with people?" (2019), Peter Svarre discusses how artificial intelligence will affect our working lives. Contrary to many people's expectations, Peter Svarre believes that artificial intelligence will make people and human competencies even more important in the future.

About the lecturers

Hans-Christian Christiansen, PhD, mag.art., Associate Professor at Copenhagen Business Academy
For 25 years, Hans-Christian Christiansen has worked with communication, digital dissemination and learning, both in practice and as a researcher. He has taught at the University of Copenhagen, Roskilde University and Copenhagen Business Academy and has written and edited several textbooks on digital communication.

Peter Svarre, Digital strategist and cand.scient.pol.
Peter Svarre has done usability tests, built websites, advised on social media, written books and given lectures on everything from artificial intelligence to job satisfaction in modern companies. For more than ten years he has also compiled digital and social strategies for Danish and international companies, such as Nike, Carlsberg, Saxo Bank and Novo Nordisk. He is the author of the book “What are we going to do with people?” (Gyldendal 2019), where he discusses the ethical dilemmas that accompany the development of artificial intelligence.


19.00: Arrival and login at Zoom
19.00 - 19.05: Welcome by Cphbusiness Alumni
19.05 - 19.50: Webinar: Knowledge sharing on social media
19.50 - 20.00: Questions
20.00: Thank you for today


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Practical information

Event: Knowledge sharing on social media (Videndeling på de sociale medier)
Date: 21 April, 7 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Location: Online
Language: Danish
Invited: Alumni, students and employees from Cphbusiness as well as business partners.
Price: Free

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