Coronavirus: Status at Cphbusiness (18 jan. 2022)

You will find all the general information about the corona situation you need here, whether you want to apply to become a student at Cphbusiness, are a current student or an employee.

After enrollment as a student, you will receive more specific information.

10 December 2021

Updated 18 January 2022

Corona passport at Cphbusiness

As a starting point, you must present a valid Corona passport, when you attend classes at Cphbusiness. If your corona passport is withdrawn due to infection with Corona-virus you can still attend classes if your self-isolation is done, based on one of the following criteria:

Self-isolation by positive PCR test can be terminated:

  • 48 hours after the person no longer has symptoms, or
  • 10 days after the onset of symptoms, if the person has had two fever-free days and is significantly better. Mild residual symptoms such as mild cough or loss of taste and smell are acceptable, or
  • 7 days after the test was taken (not 7 days after receiving test results) if you have not had symptoms

Hereafter, you bring your positive PCR result with you, when you attend classes, and explain the situation if you are asked to show your corona passport.

Please continue to pay attention to keeping a proper distance, use rubbing alcohol regularly, and maintain good hygiene in general. If you have symptoms of covid-19, you must also continue to stay at home until you have tested negative with a PCR test. In case of infection with corona, you must continue to report this to Cphbusiness at In this way, we ensure that we can make a quick and effective infection detection. As always, please stay informed on Moodle.


At the winter exams 2021, it is not possible to attend other people's exams, as we wish to reduce the risk of infection.

Mask or visor required

Students, employees and visitors, etc. at higher education institutions are required to wear a mask or visor when indoors. This will apply when moving through communal areas, for example in canteens, but not when attending teaching or doing exams.

Masks or visors may also be removed partially or entirely for acceptable reasons, for example, when consuming food and drink.

New students

As a new student at Cphbusiness, you must stay informed about your specific situation in Moodle. Read more under Information for new students.


As an employee of Cphbusiness, you must stay informed on the intranet.

Contact Cphbusiness

If you have any questions about full-time or part-time study programmes at Cphbusiness, please feel free to contact us.