Nominate your lecturers for Undervisningsprisen 2022

You can now nominate your lecturers for Undervisningsprisen 2022 which pays tribute to the inspiring and engaging lecturers.

14 December 2021

If you have a lecturer that you find especially inspiring or engaging, you can now shine a light on their work by nominating them for Undervisningsprisen 2022.

The award is founded by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science that wishes to recognize the great importance of the lecturers and examples of excellent teaching.

The deadline is January 5th, 2022 at 12 pm (noon).

Read more about Undervisningsprisen here(in Danish): Undervisningsprisen |

How to nominate

  1. Read the criteria below and think about whether your lecturer fit the description
  2. Write down your reasons why this particular lecturer should win the award. Use the five criteria as a starting point and write a short description of 25-30 lines
  3. Send your description in an email with the subject “Undervisningspris” to before January 5th, 2022 at 12 pm (noon)

What happens next?

One lecturer from Cphbusiness will be selected. Cphbusiness’ winner will compete against winners from all business academies in Denmark to become the final winner, who will be chosen in June 2022.

The final winner will receive 200,000 kroner in personal cash prize and 300,000 kroner which can be used for developing activities that support a good and engaging teaching environment at the higher education institutions.


Undervisningsprisen 2022 is awarded on basis of these five criteria:

  1. The lecturer makes an extraordinary contribution to achieving great commitment, critical reflection and a high academic level among the students
  2. The lecturer conveys difficult material in an inspiring way and gives constructive feedback to the students
  3. The lecturer plays a significant role in the renewal and quality development of the teaching, e.g. through the introduction of new teaching methods, new technology or the inclusion of new research-based knowledge for the benefit of the students
  4. The lecturer shares experiences with and involves colleagues and feedback from the students in the development of their own teaching
  5. The lecturer supports relevance in the teaching, e.g. through the inclusion of experiences from practice and inspiration from external parties

The lecturer must be employed at Cphbusiness.

We look forward to seeing your nomination.

Updated December 21, 2021: It is no longer possible to nominate a team of lecturers as a whole.