Corona virus: Status at Cphbusiness

You will find all the general information about the corona situation you need here, whether you want to apply to become a student at Cphbusiness, are a current student or an employee.

After enrollment as a student, you will receive more specific information.

07 August 2020

All courses and study programmes are continuing

All teaching at Cphbusiness is proceeding according to schedule. In the autumn 2020 we will resume to normal operations as far as possible with a mix of physical presence and online teaching.

Teaching and study start autumn 2020

Due to the corona situation, teaching will be organized a bit different in autumn 2020.

As a consequence of the health authorities' guidelines, the capacity of the buildings is approximately 50% at study start. We will continue to evaluate the utilisation of capacity with focus on safety and risk of infection.

Cphbusiness has focused on maintaining the quality of all study programmes. Therefore, we plan teaching, so that the elements most suitable for online teaching will take place online.

It is important that our new students get off to a good start and get to know their fellow students and Cphbusiness. Therefore, as many activities as possible for full-time students in the first semester and students at our part-time study programmes will take place with physical presence.

All students will be assigned a permanent class, and events that normally involve a lot of participants can be cancelled or held online.

Precautions on campus

As a student you will have access to classrooms and other common areas as usual when you are in the building to attend classes. It is however not possible to use our facilities outside of normal classroom hours.

Cphbusiness ensures disinfection​, frequent cleaning, handling of queues etc. This applies to open learning areas, canteens, toilets, library, print rooms, stairs, elevators and smoking areas.

In return we expect all students to follow the guidelines of the health authorities​ to prevent spread of infection and to show consideration. If you are ill or have symptoms, you must stay home and follow the guidelines of the health authorities​ and your doctor.

If we experience cases of infection at Cphbusiness, at least the concerned class will be sent home. Teaching will continue online, until we are sure that you can return without risk of infection.

We highly recommend you to download the app smitte|stop, because it makes it possible to break the chain of infection fast and effectively. 

Groups of risk and feelings of unsafety

If you are vulnerable to becoming severely ill with the corona virus or feel worried about participating in teaching with physical presence, you can contact the student counselling. Together we will find a good alternative solution for your study activities.

Zoom and safety

We have chosen to conduct online teaching via Zoom as it is both a safe and user friendly platform. Our experience with Zoom in the spring semester was excellent. Our Zoom installation runs on a server physically located in Denmark, and in addition, employees at Cphbusiness use a Cphbusiness login when using Zoom for teaching. This means that access to Zoom is secured in the same way as our other systems.

Current students

As a student at Cphbusiness, you must stay informed about your specific situation in Moodle. About half of the teaching will take place with physical presence and half will take place online.

Please note that foreign travel during the summer holiday may affect your access to Cphbusiness' facilities for 14 days after arrival back in Denmark. Read more on Moodle.

New students

As a new student at Cphbusiness, you must stay informed about your specific situation in Moodle. Read more under Information for new students.


As an employee of Cphbusiness, you must stay informed on the intranet.

Contact Cphbusiness

If you have any questions about full-time or part-time study programmes at Cphbusiness, please feel free to contact us.