Corona virus: Status at Cphbusiness

You will find all the general information about the corona situation you need here, whether you want to apply to become a student at Cphbusiness, are a current student or an employee.

After enrollment as a student, you will receive more specific information.

07 August 2020

Updated 2 June 2021

Teaching during spring 2021

Welcome back to Cphbusiness' physical locations! We look forward to seeing you again and allowing you to see your fellow students again. Of course, this will not be without some guidelines, which we will therefore review in outline here.

Test requirements

To be able to stay at our locations, both students and staff must be able to present a negative corona test that is less than 72 hours old. This means that during your entire stay at one of our locations, you must be able to present a test that is less than 72 hours old.

Random check

Cphbusiness performs random checks on both students and employees concerning compliance with the above requirements. The random check will be carried out partly as access control, partly as ongoing control in classrooms and common areas.

We process your personal information

The random check consists of us asking you to present your test result. This means that we will process your personal information, as we will presumably be able to see e.g. your name, possibly your CPR number and information about your test. We do not record information about you, if your test result meets the requirements.

If your test result does not meet the requirements, we will note that you have been rejected and the time this took place. These registrations are made to secure your rights in a possible subsequent situation if, due to the rejection, for example, you arrive too late to participate in a mandatory activity. We store these records for a maximum of 6 months. After this time they are deleted. We do not notify others at Cphbusiness that you have been rejected and a rejection due to test result is not a disciplinary or employment law sanction.

Test capacity

It will no later than pr. April 21, 2021, be possible to have a corona test taken at some of Cphbusiness' locations. We are primarily working on setting up test capacity at our location in Nansensgade. However, we encourage you to make use of the regional test centers, as the test capacity at Cphbusiness will be relatively small compared to the regional offers. You can find the nearest quick test center at the following link:

Other precautions

As in the autumn, there will be a distance requirement of 2 meters as well as a requirement that you wear a bandage on all common areas. We also encourage frequent use of rubbing alcohol, which will be available to you in all common areas.

If you become infected with corona, you must immediately isolate yourself and notify Cphbusiness of the infection by the following email We will make sure to contact your teacher and class.

We highly recommend you to download the app smitte|stop, because it makes it possible to break the chain of infection fast and effectively. 


In the summer of 2021, it is not possible to attend other people's examinations as we wish to reduce infection risks.

Zoom and safety

We have chosen to conduct online teaching via Zoom as it is both a safe and user friendly platform. Our experience with Zoom in the spring semester was excellent. Our Zoom installation runs on a server physically located in Denmark, and in addition, employees at Cphbusiness use a Cphbusiness login when using Zoom for teaching. This means that access to Zoom is secured in the same way as our other systems.

Current students

Finally the day has arrived where we can start to gradually open our campuses again. We are going to prioritise those of you, who have not met your fellow students and lecturers yet, that is those of you who are on your 1st semester. Other than that we will prioritise study groups, activities in the Incubator and other forms of activities that work best in a physical environment.

You will hear more from your education about exactly when and what activities will take place at the physical locations. However, we can already state that the planning will take into consideration the students from the English-speaking classes that we are familiar with staying abroad.

Unfortunately we aren’t quite back to normal, but we are getting there. It is very important that you keep updated on Moodle and pay attention to information from your lecturers and programme management.

Our campus Cphbusiness Laboratorie og Miljø have been open for laboratory work throughout the most part of the lockdown and will continue to be just that.

New students

As a new student at Cphbusiness, you must stay informed about your specific situation in Moodle. Read more under Information for new students.


As an employee of Cphbusiness, you must stay informed on the intranet.

Contact Cphbusiness

If you have any questions about full-time or part-time study programmes at Cphbusiness, please feel free to contact us.