Corona virus: Status at Cphbusiness

You will find all the general information about the corona situation you need here, whether you want to apply to become a student at Cphbusiness, are a current student or an employee.

After enrollment as a student, you will receive more specific information.

07 August 2020

This page will not be updated anymore. You will find all the information about the corona situation you need here: Coronavirus: Status at Cphbusiness.

Updated 11 August 2021

All corona restrictions for higher education institutions have been abolished per. 1 August. This means that there is no requirement for distance, test capacity, or presentation of test results. However, you must continue to pay attention to keeping a proper distance, use rubbing alcohol regularly, and maintain good hygiene in general. If you have symptoms of covid-19, you must also continue to stay at home until you have tested negative with a PCR test. In case of infection with corona, you must continue to report this to Cphbusiness at In this way, we ensure that we can make a quick and effective infection detection. As always, please stay informed on Moodle.

New students

As a new student at Cphbusiness, you must stay informed about your specific situation in Moodle. Read more under Information for new students.


As an employee of Cphbusiness, you must stay informed on the intranet.

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